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Kearney's Home Baking
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Kearney's Home Baking

Embracing Tradition and Modernity

About Company

Kearney’s Home Baking, a family-owned business in Limerick, Ireland, has been synonymous with traditional, homemade baked goods for generations. Recognising the need to connect with a broader audience, Kearney’s embarked on a digital transformation journey, encompassing a website redesign and online ordering system.

The Challenge


  1. Limited Online Presence: The initial website lacked visual appeal and functionality, not representing the quality and heritage of Kearney’s products.
  2. No E-commerce Capability: Absence of an online ordering system restricted growth and convenience for customers outside the local area.
  3. Brand Inconsistency: The brand message was not clearly defined, leading to a disconnect between online and offline experiences.
  4. Ineffective Marketing Strategy: Lack of digital marketing expertise hindered reaching new audiences.

Solutions and Outcomes

  1. Revitalising Brand Identity:
    • Solution: Developed a consistent brand identity reflecting the homemade quality, tradition, and authenticity of Kearney’s.
    • Outcome: Strengthened brand recognition and aligned online and in-store experiences.
  2. Responsive Website Design:
    • Solution: Created an attractive, user-friendly website that showcases the product range and Kearney’s family history.
    • Outcome: Increased engagement and accessibility across devices.
  3. Implementing E-commerce Platform:
    • Solution: Introduced an online shop with a secure checkout process, including local and nationwide delivery options.
    • Outcome: Expanded customer base and increased sales, opening up new revenue streams.
  4. Content and Social Media Strategy:
    • Solution: Curated content highlighting the Kearney’s story, recipes, and community involvement, along with regular social media updates.
    • Outcome: Built a loyal online community and boosted brand awareness.
  5. SEO and Local Search Optimisation:
    • Solution: Utilised SEO best practices and optimised local search to improve Kearney’s visibility in search engine results.
    • Outcome: Enhanced online discoverability, driving more organic traffic to the site.


Kearney’s Home Baking’s digital transformation is a testament to how a local, family-run business can retain its core values while adapting to the modern digital landscape. By marrying tradition with innovative digital solutions, Kearney’s has successfully broadened its reach, nurtured a thriving online community, and strengthened its position as a beloved Limerick institution.

The journey underscores the importance of maintaining brand authenticity while embracing technology, proving that even the most traditional businesses can flourish in the digital age. Whether it’s a local customer stopping by for a familiar treat or a new customer ordering online, Kearney’s Home Baking ensures that the essence of family, quality, and tradition permeates every interaction.

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