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Go Wild Magazines

Flying the Irish Flag for Tourism

About Company

Go Wild Food & Tourism Magazines publish original travel ideas, in-depth articles, food, drink and travel news, plus tips from an Irish network or artisan and businesses alike. They have been named Best In the World for Print Magazine Distribution at the finals of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in China in 2018.

Magazine design is as strong as ever with this leading Irish based travel magazine. Offering unique content for the discerning traveller and tourist, discovering Ireland is made so simple.

The Challenge

Partnered with Brainstorm

Partnered with Go Wild Magazines, the Brainstorm team produce a wide variety of award-winning Food & Tourism magazines throughout three different and individual tourism regions in Ireland. Our latest title to market is Go Wild Staycation, which offers tourists the choice of many local destinations in this climate. Go Wild Magazines are a popular tourism guide for visitors to Ireland and known for its wide variety of titles covering all the major Irish regions. Enjoy discovering Ireland.

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